Welcome to our relaxed hotel

We welcome you to our hotel with wide lounge. In the tea lounge of the lobby, you can spend happy time with talk.



Calm, talk, and gathering

We prepare for high – quality spaces, which express the comfortableness of the hotel. There are rooms, which heal of fatigue.
There is also a conference room, which is multipurpose such as a meeting, seminar, and training.
These spaces support your comfortable hotel life.
A conference room———–We can adjust the space depending on the number of people (from 6 people to 180 people).


the guidance for facilities

* Rooms (twin, single, double, and sweet)
* Ceremony halls / Shinto – style, church – style,and so on
* Banquet halls / take in 900 people at the maximum
* A conference room
* A parking lot (140 cars)
* The guidance for transportation / 3minutes from the seashore entrance of JR Hitachi station on foot
* A recreation room
* A Bisiness room

Room rates

Single Bed Room \7,300
Twin Bed Room (2Persons) \14,600
1Persons) \8,300
Double Bed Room (2Persons) \14,600
(1Persons) \8,300
Special Twin Bed (2Persons) \30,000
(1Persons) \15,000
Hauser Bed Charge is Extra \5,000

※Tax and Servie Charge are Included.


For a day which love start flowering

For a day which love start flowering

There is a space, which has a throbbing, sparkle, and gorgeousness.
This is a proper wedding reception place for couples who, promise to love forever. We direct time gracefully, which happy couples are in rapport with people who bless the happy couples.



Enjoy your time with delicious food
You can taste fresh products of the sea and seasonable taste as much as you like. Hotel Tenchikaku can handle such fresh products of sea because this hotel is near the sea. There are three types of restaurant,”Soukai”, “Dolce” and “Bruges”.
In Soukai, main dishes are Chinesefood , in Dolce, main dishes are Western – style and in Bruges, main dishes are original Japanese kaiseki.
Soukai———-You can taste real Chinese food cheerfully.
Dolce———–Our menu is abundant from an a – la -Carte dish to a course meal.
Bruges———-Oliginal Japanese Kaiseki. You can taste fresh seafood
and beautiful dish.



Our assistance for the happy day
In the reservation center, we listen to your offer and reservation regarding the wedding.
There is also a guidance place for a honeymoon, so you can use it readily.



Cheerful time

We direct your banquet and meeting more flowery with calm spaces, selected food, and sincere service. You can choose your banquet hall from 8 Western- style rooms, which are fully equipped with karaoke and 5 Japanese – style rooms with calm atmosphere.


The requests for the utilization

In case of a conference

You have to pay special charge, which is 50% per an hour, as to arranging and preparing for a meeting.
We add 30% per an hour when you use it from 5pm to 9pm.
We add 50% per an hour when you use it after 9pm

In case of an exhibition

We apply the charge for rooms as follows when you bring your exhibitsin and display them.
40% of exhibition charge after 3pm on the day before the exhibition.
30% of exhibition charge after 6pm on the day before the exhibition
We add special charge as follows regarding the use after 5pm.
20% of exhibition charge until 7pm
40% of exhibition charge until 9pm
50% of exhibition charge if you use it after 9pm.