“Hitachi is a city of creation and rapport.”
In addition to an important harbor, Hitachi Port, there are a lot of fishingports and bathing beaches on 24km of coastline extending from North to South, Behind of it, there are some mountains such as Mt.Takasuzu.
You can enjoy hiking within the prefectural Takasuzu national park.
With blessed naturalenvironment, Hitachi develops as a mining industrial city, and now Hitachi isa core of the prefecture, which aims to make electronics industry developingin the forefront and culture.

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Tel.0294-22-3111 Fax.0294-24-1713


Ose Beach

Ose beach is the closest beach from Hitachi station, and the water in this beach is beautiful.
There is a tide pool, so it is popular as a natural pool for children.
This beach is crowded with families.


* A display of fireworks August
* Ose summer festival August

Main facilities

Seaside clubhouse———-Three
Dressing room—————One
Parking lot——————–About seventy cars
10 minutes from the seashore on foot.
3 minutes from the seashore entrance of a JR Hitachi station by taxi.
15 minutes from Hitachi middle IC on Jyouban roadway.

Hitachi civic center

TEL 0294-24-7731

There is a civic center near the beach. Science hall is popular especially for children.
Enjoy yourself with science in Science hall.
There are more than 130 exhibits, which you can enjoy to touch.
Learn how to enjoy with stars in the celestial theater!
There is a planetarium, which your night shines fantastically seven times.

Hitachi cherry blossoms festival


This is a typical festival, which is opened splendidly from the first of April to the middle of April every year. The places are Kamine Park
and Heiwa Street, which were chosen as “100 famous cherry blossom places in Japan.”
Hitachi Huryubutsu, one of the traditional public entertainments, is opened to the public within the dazzling cherry blossoms.
In the period of festival, light in Heiwa Street (about 1 km) with cherry blossomsand andons, oil lamps stand with a wood frame and paper shade, in Kamine Park invite visitors into the fantastic world.
3 minutes from JR Hitachi station on foot.

Kamine Park


Close on Monday, December 29 – January 1
Kamine Park made use of a hill has a zoo, which contains 110 species, 590 animals and an amusement park, which includes a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel.
There is a heated swimming pool near the Kamine Park.
This is a park, which every family can enjoy through a year.You can use a bus on a regular route for “Leisure center”, from Hitachi station, and you get off the bus in a bus stop, “KaminePark” or “Leisure center”, whichis the end of the line.
It takes about 10 minutes from Hitachi station to Kamine Park.

Hitachi fish center


Open throughout the year
Hitachi fish center sells fresh products of the sea with original price, and teaches how to cook the fish. Also, in the restaurant there are the lunch-original menu and the banquet dinner using fresh fish from Kujihama Port.

Oku Hitachi Kirara’s village


Close on Monday, December 29 – January 3
In this sightseeing recreation institution you can experience with nature.There is a slide, which is the longest in Japan (877m), and also there are villas for rent.There are many institutions to spend your time in the nature peacefully.You can use a bus for “Higashigoudo” after you get off the train in Hitachi station.You get off the bus in a bus stop, “The village of Kirara.”It takes about 30 minutes from Hitachi station to the village of Kirara.10 minutes from Hitachi middle IC on Jyouban roadway by car.

Citizens’ woods of Skegawa Mountain

You can use a bus for “The entrance of Aobadaidanchi”, from Hitachi station, and you get off the bus in a bus stop, “The east side of Aobadai.” Natural Park in Kazenokami Mountain 30 minutes from a JR Omika station on foot 10 minutes from Hitachi south Ota I.C by car


Cheerful time

We direct your banquet and meeting more flowery with calm spaces, selected food, and sincere service. You can choose your banquet hall from 8 Western- style rooms, which are fully equipped with karaoke and 5 Japanese – style rooms with calm atmosphere.

The requests for the utilization

In case of a conference

You have to pay special charge, which is 50% per an hour, as to arranging and preparing for a meeting.
We add 30% per an hour when you use it from 5pm to 9pm.
We add 50% per an hour when you use it after 9pm

In case of an exhibition

We apply the charge for rooms as follows when you bring your exhibitsin and display them.
40% of exhibition charge after 3pm on the day before the exhibition.
30% of exhibition charge after 6pm on the day before the exhibition
We add special charge as follows regarding the use after 5pm.
20% of exhibition charge until 7pm
40% of exhibition charge until 9pm
50% of exhibition charge if you use it after 9pm.